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Rollins Fine Art works with a variety of clients; architects, developers, interior designers, corporations and private collectors. The company also receives media coverage pertaining to many of their projects. This page contains selected comments from clients and others, as well as selected media exposure.

"As an architect of museums, college campuses and government buildings Charles Rose Architects often integrates the fine arts into architectural designs. Some of our best efforts have been facilitated by museum directors and art consultants, and we have been fortunate to work with Ken Rollins who is both. At the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, we worked closely with Ken, then the Director, to create a campus landscape and buildings which provided a variety of exhibition spaces, both inside and outside, housing permanent exhibitions and traveling shows in accredited gallery space.

"Ken had already built the Polk Museum of Art, and was an expert with respect to spatial programming, gallery design, natural and artificial lighting.  He also had a tremendous amount of experience relating artworks to their spaces and surrounding environment.  He intuitively understood issues of scale and proportion, and always offered insightful critiques as the project developed. He is a great person to work with, and we collaborated closely, creating sculpture gardens as well as a series of galleries. His knowledge of art history and especially contemporary art proved invaluable and added richness to our design approach."

Charles RosePrincipal
Charles Rose Architects Inc.

"Working with Ken Rollins as the client during the design of the Tampa Museum of Art was a great experience.  He combines a keen understanding of architecture with a broad knowledge of art, so bringing these talents together as a service is a great offering."

Stanley SaitowitzDesign Principal
Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.

"Rollins Fine Art provides a unique service in the business of art.  As an artist, I so often feel that my work would be best suited for a particular client or location and yet, that match is sometimes difficult to obtain.  Rollins Fine Art strives for just that: to place appropriate art in appropriate situations.  One would be challenged to find a stronger team of expertise: 30 years of experience in the museum field combined with a robust background in design.  Beyond their capabilities in the visual field, however, is their pleasing, casual interpersonal style.  In a business that tends to be aggressive and often turns-off both artists and clients alike, having an easy manner of doing business is essential.  The Rollins Fine Art team is sincere, respectful and truly interested in bringing satisfaction and contentment to both the artist and the client."

Yolanda SanchezArtist & Director
Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs, Miami International Airport

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ken Rollins for over 20 years. He has actively participated in the Florida Association of Museums, the Florida Association of Museums Foundation and the Florida Art Museum Directors Association. He has made significant contributions to the museum field and received the FAM Lifetime Achievement Award. I am sure he will bring his great leadership skills to RFA."

Malinda J. HortonExecutive Director
Florida Association of Museums

"...architecture and the world of art are inextricably linked. I expect great things from Rollins Fine Art."

"I know Ken Rollins as a successful museum director, a role he has played in three Florida museums in his long and successful career in the world of art and museums. I was proud for him and for our community when the Florida Art Museum Directors Association honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. He is a consummate professional with a strong vision and a deep understanding of where our culture is going. 

His son Noah I know as a talented young designer. Noah’s joining his father in this new venture must feel very natural to him, for architecture and the world of art are inextricably linked. I expect great things from Rollins Fine Art."

Yann WeymouthArchitect
HOK (Senior Vice President, 2001-2013)

Media Exposure

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